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Moby hakkında

MOBY; It was established in Denizli in 1997.

Babies and children since 1997,  offers special design collections.

The difference lies behind the quality and unique image of our brand that has grown over the years. MOBY, which has not compromised on quality, comfort and aesthetics since the first day of its establishment, has aimed to bring Turkish consumers together with world trends.

Using the knowledge and experience of years, we also prepare special designs for the smallest members of the family with a 3000 m2 closed production area. In addition to our more than 30 collections we have prepared for them, we also serve with a special production option.

Our company, which emphasizes simplicity and elegance in the spaces it creates; It completes the space with specially designed carpets, curtains, textiles and all accessories suitable for decoration, and opens the doors of a magical world to the smallest members of the family. The laborious and creative delicacy of handwork is combined with advanced technology, and modern and elegantly designed furniture is offered to our customers.

MOBY; It is at the service of our customers in the "Luxury Furniture" sector with a corporate and professional understanding, with an uncompromising quality awareness, with the support of its long years of knowledge.



Our Mission

To leave behind happy babies and young people as well as happy families by producing contemporary and high quality furniture.


our vision

To be a company that offers turnkey value-added solutions with the right technologies at home and abroad in our sector, quickly adapts to the developments in the sector, directs change, and keeps user and employee satisfaction at the highest level.


Our Values

MOBY, which offers comprehensive solutions to increase the efficiency of the sector, which will play an important role in the development of Turkey and its integration with the European Union, in business processes, restructuring and increase the use of power transmission organs:


  • Reliability,

  • high sense of responsibility

  • Experience,

  • quality awareness,

  • belief in continuous improvement,

  • Commitment to business ethics,

  • It has value-added cooperation values that exceed customer expectations.




MOBY; Our basic principle is to ensure the continuity of customer satisfaction and to achieve continuous improvement and development in all processes. Our management staff and employees; It is aware that quality is a way of life and that quality will not be achieved with individual success, but with the participation of all employees. Growing with the principle of 100% customer satisfaction, MOBY supplies all furniture products.  10 years warranty  gives.

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